About Dragon City

Dragon City – the game that premiered on May 8, 2012 – more than a dozen million players around the world. It is available on iOS and Android platforms and for facebook users. Dragon City is a strategic social game, accessible only via the Internet – we will not play it offline. The published edition was given by Jan Kirby and the Social Point studio. Our task in the game will be breeding and selling exotic dragons and, of course, making gold.

Five characters take us through the story of the game: Deus, Nefus, Aurelia, Parsival and Cortesia. They also help us in performing certain tasks. Dragons are raised in the village on the island, which we manage. There are several types of islands, each of them we will be able to enlarge. In the village, we can build many buildings, and each of them will fulfill a different function. Farms allow us to earn experience and food points. Habitat is a place where we will place our dragons. We can also embellish our village with various decorations.

Dragons that we can get are divided in two respects: type (legendary, hybrid, etc.) and element (darkness, flames, purity, nature, electric, ice, metal, earth, legendary and sea). Each dragon has different attributes and skills. Their number is higher than two hundred and is constantly growing. Our dragons can be viewed in the Book of Dragons, which allows us to earn additional prizes. Dragons we own can also be crossed, creating hybrids. Other advantages of reproduction are the increase in gold production and the acquisition of additional prizes. We can also develop the skills of our dragons, which will later be useful in the fight.

One of the most important functions of Dragon City is the ability to play with other users: dragons we breed can participate in battles. In addition, in the game, we can have friends and send gifts to them and visit other players’ islands. We can also play one of several mini-games.

In Dragon City, we have 99 levels to get. For getting a new level, we get various rewards (dragon eggs, decorations and many more). The experience we need to reach the next level can be gained in many ways – by building buildings, growing food, completing missions and fighting in Combat World. Our dragons can also enter levels. Other “currencies” of the game are gold, food, platinum, dragon points, crystals and jewels. The easiest way to get the last one is to use a credit card, but there are several other ways to get one.

Unfortunately, the micropayment system in the game gives users a completely uneven chance. We can, for example, shorten the time of expansion of our island, which takes many hours or days without it. Without micropayments, it’s much harder to get new dragons or breed those that we already have.