About the game HearthStone

Hearthstone is a cult game released by Blizzard Entertainment. Originally, it was a collector’s card game, however, on March 11, 2014, a version for PCs was released, and from July 22, 2014 it is also available on iOS and Android platforms. It is available in several language versions (English, Chinese, French, Spanish, Korean, German, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Italian). She gained high critical acclaim, and Google Store users rated it 4.4 / 5 (over 1300000 votes). An internet connection is required for the game. The whole thing is happening in the fantastic world of Azeroth, which players know well from the Warcraft and World of Warcraft series. At Hearthstone, we must defeat our opponents in strategic card duels.

The game has a single mode (adventure) and multiplayer modes (duel, arena, pub fight, challenge, observer mode). In the duel we will fight with other players using the card deck we have created, while in the arena our deck will be drawn randomly. We will have to pay for admission to Arena – we can do it either through the currency acquired in other game modes, or thanks to the micro-payment system.

In Hearthstone, cards are divided into four categories: tronniki, spells, weapons and heroes. To issue a given card on the table we need a certain number of points. Heroes are also divided into categories (magician, priest, sorcerer, druid, paladin, hunter, rogue, shaman and warrior). Before the duel begins, each player must choose 30 cards for his deck. The game begins with 30 life points. Before each round, you can choose one card. The player who first deprives the opponent of all life points wins. We receive stars for winning, depending on the amount of our rank. Every month begins the new season, and for getting a minimum of 20 ranks in a given month, we get a new reverse for cards. Additional rewards can also be obtained by inviting our friends to play. When they perform next missions, we will get special prizes.

Hearthstone may seem quite easy at first, but be careful – it can draw! Along with learning the rules of the game and cards, we discover countless combinations and strategies that we can adopt. It is also worth paying attention to the good graphics of the game. All cards are truly unique, and our duels on the virtual table are accompanied by various visual and audio effects.

The games take place on three servers (America, Europe, Asia). There are also numerous extensions to the game (The Curse of Naxxramas, Goblins vs. Gnomes, Black Mountain, Grand Tournament, Explorer League, Ancient Gods, One Night in Karazhan, Dark Gadgeton Streets and Journey to Un’Goro and Knights of the Frozen Throne). There are also prestigious championships for players from around the world.

Hearthstone is a recommendable strategy. The rules are simple and intuitive, but it does not mean that the game itself is easy. It requires from us cunning, strategic thinking and predicting the movements of the opponent. Many game modes will certainly not let you get bored.

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