About Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends, or Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, had its premiere on July 12, 2016. It was released by the Moonton studio. It is available to Android and iOS users. This is a classic MOBA (online multiplayer battle arena) game, unavailable offline. Players from Play Store rated it 4.4 (from over 4 million ratings). The goal of the game is to build a great team of your heroes.

In Mobile Legends we will fight other players in real time. We can send only one of her heroes to each fight. The fight takes place in three lines, and our task is to defeat enemies, destroy its tower. The team that first destroys the last of the opponents’ towers wins the duel. Our strategy will be decisive. The characters are divided into mages, shooters, support, assassins and tanks. Each group has different advantages and disadvantages, other attacks and attributes. Especially, it’s equal to spreading the strength and skills in our team. We can choose from almost 50 heroes. Each of them has four skills. In addition, we can raise our skills using runes. We will also be helped by spells that unlock with our level in the game. The controls are not complicated and can be easily mastered, and the selection of opponents for fights is very fast. To start, you need 10 players with similar levels – teams consist of five people.

During the fights we will win gold, for example for killing minions. It is needed to buy items that will raise our statistics. Another currency of the game is BP, or Battle Points (Hack battle points), which we gain for fighting in the Arena. We can buy heroes for them. In addition, every four hours, players receive a reward box. We can pay real money for skins and a few other options. Other currencies are tickets and diamonds (diamonds hack).

We can fight in four different modes. It is also possible to conduct live broadcasts of our fights and to add friends. The micropayment system is not very insistent, but it allows you to get unusual skins for our heroes. Mobile Legends is a game that is constantly evolving. New characters and options are added on a regular basis as well as subsequent language versions.

We invite you to watch the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang trailer: